About Me

                      Hello! Thanks for checking out my portfolio.

I have been living and working in the Los Angeles area for over six years. I am currently based in North Hollywood where I live with my boyfriend and rescue pup, Dollar. I have a home studio with everything I need to work remotely, from a Mac loaded with all the Adobe products to my sewing studio with cutting table and overflowing fabric stash.

I arrived at this spot after graduating in 2013 from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. I received a well rounded arts education from a school that offered many different majors and now have an Alumni network in Los Angeles that spans all areas of fashion, merchandising, costume design, television filming, post-production, and more. I’ve lived all over the world, but call Seattle my “hometown” as my extended family settled there. I often travel up and down the West Coast to see family and friends scattered across the coast.

My work experience has been varied and given me insight into different areas of the fashion industry. I started my first job out of school at a couture boutique in Seattle, traveling with designer Vian Hunter to San Francisco to visit her production facilities. Hunter was a designer featured on NBC’s show Fashion Star in 2012. I decided to move to Los Angeles while seeking more opportunities and landed at Under One Sky. This budget friendly handbag & accessories company gave me my first experience developing tech packs, working on monthly collections, and emailing directly with our China based team to get samples made. I even helped develop a duffle bag for Rebel Wilson when she released a collection with Torrid. It was a small but exciting company that gave me insight into the business.

I ultimately knew I wanted to work in apparel and moved  to Johnny Was in 2015. This was a whole different world at a much larger company with nearly no budget limits for design. The design team pushed our creativity under the helm of head designer Biya Ramar. I focused on embroidery development in Photoshop and assisted with silhouette development. We had an in-house pattern making team, cut & sew room, fittings, as well as an overseas office for production. Although it was high pressure, I really honed my design and self editing skills as well as understanding of how the sales & design team need to mesh.

Ultimately, I knew that I felt really passionate about intimates, swim, and dance wear. I moved in 2018 to Carrie Amber Intimates, a women owned company that offered private label, in house brands, and licensed brands. It was another big change where I got to learn about the off-price market and designing for volume sales. I was able to help launch their private label collection for Paris Blues Intimates, travel domestically and internationally for trade shows, and launch a rave wear line that sold to Dolls Kill among others. 

From designing intricate coats that retail for $800 at Johnny Was to $9.99 bra sets at Carrie Amber, I’ve gained experience in all different areas of the market. During the COVID-19 pandemic I transitioned to a full time freelance designer. I now am working for a variety of clients, including Carrie Amber, Jolyn swimwear, Bee Stings Intimates, and more. Whilst I enjoy my focus in women intimates, I am confident in designing all areas of women apparel and accessories. I look forward to future opportunities to keep designing and expanding my skill set.

Thanks for spending the time to learn more about me! -Rebekah

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